Facilities management starts with an Operational Assessment! Plan your future with an assessment today!

First Service Mechanical HVAC's comprehensive facilities management service begins with an Operational Assessment that delivers critical information to the facilities plan and budget into the future. Combining the latest industry advancements with the experience of our trained HVAC technicians, we thoroughly evaluate your current facility to reduce financial risk and set a foundation for growth. Our goal is to help you meet business objectives by ensuring all equipment is operating properly and efficiently.

HVAC Operational Assessment Includes:

  • Locking in utility rebates
  • Identifying incentives to maximize return on capital investments
  • Evaluating system design, operational process, and completing feasibility studies
  • Finding energy savings programs to lower costs
  • Providing technical support you can rely on to ensure mission critical equipment is always running

What to Expect

The Operational Assessment begins with a thorough testing and systems analysis to determine if equipment is in proper operating condition. This report outlines areas for improvement and recommendations for corrective measures that need attention, such as:

  • Utility costs
  • Equipment performance
  • Energy optimization
  • Single point of failure analysis
  • Operational reliability

Our experienced HVAC technicians look for vulnerable equipment or systems so they can provide recommendations for redundancy (when appropriate) and help facility managers improve operational reliability. These reports can be reviewed through our online customer portal, which gives our clients a deep look at system performance and provides critical information for future strategic planning.