Research and Development

Building Safe, Healthy, Controlled Working Environments For R&D Companies

As a Rocky Mountain Watts Smart Contractor partner and a member of the BOMA Utah Energy Sustainability Committee, our experienced HVAC technicians work closely with leading R&D facilities throughout Utah to deliver HVAC solutions that meet:

  • High environmental standards
  • Unique design parameters
  • Regulatory compliance
  • All levels of operating conditions

All of First Service Mechanical's HVAC services are focused on limiting environmental impact and founded on a comprehensive energy optimization plan to control costs and enhance your work environment. Technicians are continually trained on the most up-to-date HVAC safety and equipment to provide:

  • Clean air, low-impact ventilation
  • Custom filtration systems
  • Emergency exhaust options

Let us know what HVAC services and equipment you need to keep your facility stay safe, healthy and in compliance.